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Job Seekers

Take the first step in getting a job of your dreams here in sunny island Singapore. All you need to do is send us a complete resume or curriculum vitae.


To ensure a smooth search, your resume / CV must include the following;


1)      A cover letter

2)      Complete bio data

3)      A passport size and full body picture

4)      Employment history

5)      Educational certification

6)      Additional certification i.e. commendation or achievements etc

7)      Family background


Also apart from the above, do tell us a bit more about yourself in an introductory note (of not more than 5000 words. It should include your likes and dislikes, your aspirations etc. This would allow us to get to know you better and also match you with the right employer of choice.


Once you have taken the first step, we will then proceed with matchmaking your talented self with the right employer and with that, is the start of your new chapter.

We provide solutions in several types of employment relationships

  • Contract-to-Hire  

  • Long-term & Short-term Projects 

  • Direct Placement

Submit your application form and resume to begin your job search today!

Download and fill out the form from the link below. Send it with your resume to                                              . Once submitted our recruiters will contact you to advance with the process.